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Stephen King Slams Trump’s First 100 Days; Reminds Us We’re In A Real Life Horror Story (TWEETS)

Beloved horror writer Stephen King is no fan of Donald Trump. He has long questioned Trump’s qualifications to be president and has even questioned his sanity. King makes all of these criticisms on Trump’s own favorite platform, Twitter. On Wednesday night, King once again took to his Twitter account — this time to give his assessment of the Trump presidency thus far. First, King commented on Trump’s Twitter habit:

Indeed. Now, I am no mental health professional, but anyone who reads Donald Trump’s Twitter feed knows that there’s definitely something wrong with the guy’s mental state. There’s really no disputing that at this point.

In addition to pointing out the obvious when it comes to Trump’s (lack of) mental health, King pointed out something even more terrifying – that Trump is the sole individual in the entire world who can launch 4,000 nuclear weapons and destroy the world as we know it:

Hopefully, that last part won’t be a permanent state of affairs. There is already a bill being floated that would curb Trump’s ability to unilaterally launch a nuclear strike. He would first have to get a declaration of war from Congress to do so, and they almost certainly would not give it to him.

Hopefully, the GOP stops being so partisan and owns up to the fact that Trump is not mentally well, and at least signs on to this bill. If they can, for once, put country before party, and do the right thing.

In the meantime, we have good folks like Stephen King telling it like it is.

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