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Stephen King Has PERFECT Explanation Of Trump’s Twitter Attack On Hillary Clinton

Nailed it.

Mental health professionals have been warning the public for over a year now about Donald Trump’s mental unfitness for the presidency. But you didn’t need to be a mental health expert to explain a post Trump shared on Twitter on Sunday.

In an early morning tweetstorm, Trump retweeted a gif of himself assaulting Hillary Clinton by hitting her with a golf ball.

Yes, the person who is supposedly the president actually posted this on his own Twitter feed. Americans across the country were outraged and most Republicans had a difficult time defending Trump’s childish behavior.

Famed horror author Stephen King, however, did not have a difficult time criticizing it, and he certainly didn’t hold back.

Indeed, Trump literally promoted violence against women and political opponents in a single retweet.

As for King’s diagnosis of Trump’s mental health, it really does appear that he is spot-on.

This is not the behavior of a person who has their shit together. Trump’s behavior is vindictive and petty, not to mention totally obsessive.

Trump is obsessed with attacking Hillary Clinton. He constantly reminds everyone of the election results despite the fact that Hillary won the popular vote by 3 million votes. Keep in mind that the election has been over for nearly a year, yet Trump is still bragging about it.

Trump also brags about his hand size and whines about the media every chance he gets.

If it wasn’t clear before to Republicans, it should be very clear now. Trump is deranged and he has no business being president. It’s time for them to admit it and impeach him. Because the last thing America needs is a “severely fucked-up mind” in the Oval Office.

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