South Korea Panicking Over Trump’s Recent Threats, Worried ‘He’s Kind Of Nuts’ | THE POLITICUS

South Korea Panicking Over Trump’s Recent Threats, Worried ‘He’s Kind Of Nuts’

Donald Trump’s ridiculous, erratic threats to North Korea have not only terrified America, but they are also becoming a major concern for South Korea.

A new report by  has stated that South Korea is currently freaking out over the fact that the country is stuck between North Korea and its developing nuclear program, and Trump, who they know is batsh*t crazy. The Post wrote that South Korea feels its best option is to try to ignore Trump as much as possible and lay low:

“They think they’re dealing with an unreasonable partner and complaining about it isn’t going to help — in fact, it might make it worse,” said David Straub, a former State Department official who dealt with both Koreas and recently published a book about anti-Americanism in South Korea.

“Opinion polls show South Koreans have one of the lowest rates of regard for Trump in the world and they don’t consider him to be a reasonable person,” Straub said. “In fact, they worry he’s kind of nuts, but they still want the alliance.”

South Korea likely knows that Trump isn’t going to be the one to bring forth a diplomatic solution, as the situation between the United States and North Korea looks more hopeless every day. Trump continues to throw empty threats at North Korea via his Twitter account, showing that he is only interested in escalating the situation. South Korea feels trapped and paralyzed, stuck between an insane POTUS and a potential nuclear war.

Trump’s instability is not only a major threat to America – it is now a global issue. Trump is not only creating chaos, but he is destroying America’s standing with the rest of the world. The United States was once a world leader, and now our allies are avoiding us at all costs.

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