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Some thoughts on new Post/ABC poll - no need to panic

writing this as a result of looking at the questions and responses here and checking the trend lines here

First, as compared to one month ago, Clinton is up 1, Trump down 1. 

Second, Obama won in 2012 by 3.9% and won 332 electoral votes.

Now, what really caught my attention is what we are seeing as results on specific questions

Enthusiasm among Clinton voters is 83%, which is up 2%, while Trump is only at7 9% net enthusiastic, down 12% in a month.   So you might ask yourself whose voters are more likely to stay home, especially if it is clear that Trump is going to lose, which he actually feeds by saying the election is rigged against him.

On favorable/unfavorable, Clinton is now 43/53, down very slightly from 45/53,

                                                 Trump is now 31/66, down from 34/64 a month ago

In general, Trump has continued to sink on important measures from last month.

A few states among registered voters

Qualified to serve:

      Clinton 59-40 net 19 yes

      Trump 39-58  net 19 no

Temperament to serve:

      Clinton 59-40 net 19 yes

      Trump  34-64 net 30 no

Has strong moral character

     Clinton 47-52 net 5 no

     Trump  30-66 net 36 no

Is honest and trustworthy

     Clinton 34-62 net 28 no

     Trump  34-64 net 30 no

About comments on Access Hollywood tape, percentage of people who say it made them

    more likely to vote for Trump   1%

    less likely to vote for Trump     35%

    no difference                              63%

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