Some Pretty Direct Truth. General Michael Flynn

Shame they only do this after they retire.

Some choice excerpts.

"What we have is this continued investment in conflict," the retired general said. "The more weapons we give, the more bombs we drop, that just… fuels the conflict. Some of that has to be done but I am looking for the other solutions."

Commenting on the rise of ISIL in Iraq, Flynn acknowledged the role played by the US invasion and occupation of Iraq. "We definitely put fuel on a fire," he told Hasan. "Absolutely… there is no doubt, history will not be kind to the decisions that were made certainly in 2003."

Flynn also called for greater accountability for US soldiers involved in abuses against Iraqi detainees: "You know I hope that as more and more information comes out that people are held accountable… History is not going to look kind on those actions… and we will be held, we should be held, accountable for many, many years to come."

When we point that out before during and after, we are regarded as surrender monkeys.

Only once  it has gone so horribly wrong that those who pushed for these wars say "with what I now know, I would have voted differently". Too fucking late.

Others during the unraveling mess come up with terms such as, "collateral damage and "enhanced interrogation". Then these are repeated by those that should know better.

What always beats me is the deafness before and during these conflicts. Then after finding just how badly it went pear shaped, they then treat those for calling for more of the same, sane. It defies all reason.

Next time you hear the rustle of rattling sabers, remember to ask yourself this one question

Do they really have a fucking clue?

The answer is usually a resounding, no.