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Some Further Info on KY Election Results

It is being reported that the so called 60-65% predicted voter turnout for Jefferson County - the Louisville area full of Democrats - .  If true, this is less than the 52% voter in the 2010 midterm election.  Overall, the voter turnout is reported at 36%.  This is far worse than the overall voter turnout in 2010, which was 49%.

So the 60-65% number was a mirage.

As for the rest of the statitics, they confirm what everyone on the left is saying:  our voters just didn't show up.  Hell, they not only didn't show up, but they simply vanished into another dimension, at least it seems in KY.

While there are some who will cut Grimes some slack because it was a wave election, I can't help but think that this kind of performance reflects badly on her and the rest of the state Democratic Party.  And yes, that means you Governor Beshear.  The only bright spot was that the Republicans failed to take over the General Assembly.

At least Rand Paul won't be able to run for the Senate and President at the same time in 2016.