Silly season?..We ARE on The same side..don't forget ! | THE POLITICUS

Silly season?..We ARE on The same side..don't forget !


Silly season?..We ARE on The same side..don't forget !

Do not think for a split second.... it cannot happen again.... It Can !

Look, I am not inviting a pie fight BUT I am pretty disappointed with how folks on both the primary side of the aisle is behaving.. Hillary or Bernie....They are both democrats.
One of the two will be the candidate and for enthusiastic voters, I suggest you look back a few years and see just HOW bad it was under Bush.

Many here were too young to feel the full impact of W.   This man did more than steal an election.  He brought us to our knees, financially, physically, and just about any way you can imagine.   The fodder coming from some of these pro Bernie diaries are enough to make people stay home and that is what we do not want !!!  If we do not get out the vote and actually vote for whomever the candidate is and quit the mud slinging on our own, then we are liable to live or die under another dictator in chief.

I am not the school marm here but my memory is way too vivd to not speak up and say something.  I believe on Presiden't worse policy day, would not come close to W's best

I think many have become used to some sanity on 1600 Pa. Avenue.   Do some of us remember Aba Garub?  How about the Florida election?   The twin Towers and the aftermath?  The strutting on Mission Accomplished?   The Stock market falling?   The homes being lost?   The priority of category veterans?   The Dixie Chicks?   Shock and Awe?   The Supreme court fiasco?   The embarrassment of  stupid cowboy with a swaggar in his walk and a Psycho for a Vice President?  Rich Gone Wild?
The list is endless .  The tears are endless...and even though we are disappointed in some of the things Obama has or has not done.. He is a grownup.  He has done things we do not like.  So?  What's the point.  Rather have Trump or Rubio  in the drivers seat than a dem whether it be Bernie or Hillary?  

 The one thing I can say about republicans, they get their way on everything evil because they know how to vote for their party people because they are not so cerebral that they cut off their nose to spite their face.  

Want to support Hillary?  Fine Support her and be respectful of Bernie.  Want to support Bernie?  Fine but don't trash Hillary.  The reason I am begging you to do this, is because one of these two WILL be our nominee and every single time a trash diary on either one comes out, we are handing more juice over to insanity.  Either of these candidates in their worst times would be better than republicans on their right winged best day.    Those republicans and I hate them.. I mean HATE them...may mindlessly stick together to achieve what they want.  They don't give two cents who is standing at the podium spewing venum and rhetoric if at the end of the day, they get to pull that lever for an R and go bomb someone, take away more of our rights and protect anyone but a dem.

I am saying, for God's sake, remember the past.  Get over yourself and quit trashing for your own opinions.
We don't sign loyaty oaths.  We have to fight though to get our own people in line and to the polls.  This sounds so Jr. High.  Nobody gets everything they want.  We at least get a life without a crazy up there opening up bigger and better free speech zones.  Bigger Gitmos.  More war funding.  More racism.  More stealing from we the poor.  More snarky in your face contempt, less regulation and on and on and on.  Remember locking the dems out of meetings where the capitol police had to be called?  This was before the tea party.  

We need to remember, the democrats are in it to win it nationwide and we should be standing behind all of them.  I refuse to do the Republicans' dirty work.  I won't.  YOU are the enemy to the republicans .. not the democrats .....get that straight in your head.
YOU will ultimately pay the price of sitting under a republican majority or president.
The problem is this, it won't just be you.   We have to sit under these maniacs as well.
I remember too well, the Bush reign.  We cannot take another 4 years of tax cuts, and war, where ever they want to take us.  We cannot afford  another Clarence Thomas.
We are all Democrats.  We need to act like it.

Please consider this post as a warning of what could happen and knock off the tearing down of our people.  It is up to all democrats and any other sane minded person  to stand behind who ever our nominee may be.  We are supposed to be strong and yet every election cycle, people want to be brats and stay home and refuse to get out the vote and gripe the next 4 years because we have crazy in charge.  

Do not take this is a open arena for a pie fight.   Take this from someone who has lived way too many years under tyranny.   Let's achieve together.  The whole scenearo reminds me of We know people saying,

" I like your Christ, but hate his followers".

 This does  not win friends and influence people.. It is OK to have enthusiastic debate without character attacks.    I am not pointing to one side or the other, but both.    It is wrong to give fodder to the enemy.  

Who am I to lecture some?  A concerned democrat who hates republicans.  I don't hate our own people .   I may not like them all but I trust them with our platform.  I wouldn't trust one single republican to cross the street in broad daylight with our future.  Please stop the trashing of our own.