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The sign in the Trump windshield this week.

     You know, it’s funny how history may take it’s time, but it keeps repeating itself. In 1945, the army’s “Manhattan Project” ushered in the nuclear age. In 2017, the GOP’s “Manhattan Project” has ushered in an age of political nuclear fallout. Kind of poetic when you think about it, isn’t it?

     You’ve been there, I’ve been there, we’ve all been there. By “there” I mean a stretch of bad luck that just never seems to end. Every time something bad happens, you think to yourself, “It can’t get any worse than this”, and just to prove you wrong, even worse shit happens. And right now, The Inglorious Basterd is on one of those stretches. And it’s not getting any better. Trump had better hope he’s driving a political WWII vintage Jeep, cuz he’s going to need it. The trouble is, it seems that whatever he’s driving these days, the wheels keep coming off.

     The now notorious Donnie Jr. meeting is not going away, in fact, expect it to dominate. The knowledge that there were at least 8 (count ‘em, 8) participants in Mini Mope’s little tete-a-tete with the Bolshie’s will only have the media in a feeding frenzy to uncover more names and relationships from that meeting, and considering the number and richness of content of the White House leaks, it is highly likely that they will find them. The Trump administration “secret communique” system tends to remind one of that commercial about two women texting about hair loss. A Kossack had a brilliant diary title yesterday, opining that the size of the meeting may exceed the size of Daddums inauguration crowd. And there are only two likely possibilities for additional participants, either they were more shadily connected Russians, or they were more prominent Trump affiliates. Either one is going to ensure that Trump is gonna need to replace the keypad on his smartphone from all of the tweeting.

     The congressional hearings will make His Lowness’ life a living hell. If all goes according to plan, the House Intelligence committee will begin hearing testimony from trump staffers and associates this week. Since their names haven’t been specifically mentioned, it seems doubtful that Trump Jr., Kushner or Manafort will be on this weeks roster, but the media coverage will not be music to Trump’s ear. Considering the fact that if the committee is dealing with actions during the election cycle, there is no reason to hold these hearings in secret, since none of the participants had access to classified information, and none other than Flynn held security clearances. This could create negative blanket coverage all week long if the hearings are televised. Even if they’re not, congressmen like Adam Schiff have been masters of letting golden little nuggets drop from their pressers afterward. And Chuck Grassley, the chair of the Senate Judiciary committee, has been more and more vocal in his displeasure with the fallen angel at the top of his party, so a rough ride could be coming from that front as well.

     Trump’ is going to get a cramp in his hand, sitting there at the Oval Office desk, pen in hand, poised to sign his brand spanking new healthcare bill. McConnell’s delay on a vote while McCain recuperates from his recent surgery is not good news. First of all, not only does the delay ensure that the CBO score for the original revision will be out, in all of its nihilistic glory, bur if the CBO is quick, a revised score including the Cruz amendment may  come out as well. These CBO scores are bright sunlight to the GOP’s healthcare vampire, and having the bill possibly hit with the CBO twin suns of Tattoine may turn it to dust. Every day they delay is more angry phone calls and e-mails from Senate constituents, and do you think McCain may get some saying basically, “Your healthcare was there when you needed it, what about mine”?

     Trump is a captive prisoner. Sorry little man, no convenient Bastille Day celebrations on the books for this week. No gaudy military parades and flyovers, and no electra-glide-in-blue slow motion handshakes either. He’s stuck in the White House with 24/7 availability of national media coverage of his disgrace. How long before the Tivo remote goes sailing through a flat screen, and he has to be restrained and sedated again?

     And one more ting before I go. Take all this talk about Trump’s base support with a cow lick size grain of salt. Since the start, knowledgeable pundits, former RNC Chair Micheal Steele among them, have been warning about the softness of Trump’s support with Republicans overall. Obama, Bush Lite, Clinton, all of them had party support in the low to mid 90’s early in their terms.Trump has had difficulty, even at the start in cracking 90% with Republicans. A Washington Post-ABC News poll, dated July 10-13 shows his GOP support slipping from 84% down to 82%. Big deal, right? Two lousy points. But according to Steele, anything under 85% is a flashing red light, with sirens included to party leadership. Slip under 80%, and everybody starts donning life jackets and heading for the rafts. The logic is that any politician needs strong support from his party’s voters, cuz he can’t expect outside help. And with a toxic candidate like Trump, if he loses those crossover and independent voters that voted for change, and got conned, he can’t lose a single GOP voter and expect to survive, and neither can anybody running with an (R) after their name.

     So Hair Furor, gas up the tank, grab the keys, and head on out into the great political outdoors for a little recreational off-roading. Just one small suggestion. Make sure to wear a good helmet, just in case the Jeep tips over somewhere along the way.