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The Sh*t Hits The Fan: White House Advisers Tell Trump To Lawyer Up

Alleged president Donald Trump is in a bigly amount of trouble. It’s the kind of trouble even an amateur could have avoided but conservatives thought a 70-year-old former reality show star could take on the most difficult job in the world.

Trump has been urged to retain an experienced outside lawyer by several White House advisers and personal associates of his. They want him to lawyer up over his campaign’s alleged ties to Russia, according to several people briefed on the conversations, the New York Times .

This was even before a special counsel was appointed on Wednesday to lead the investigation into any collusion between Trump’s campaign and Russian officials.  At first, Trump appeared to take the appointment of former FBI Director Robert Mueller well. It was almost as if Trump didn’t write the statement released in which he appeared as if he had nothing to hide. Then this morning, the so-called on Twitter.

And then there’s the .

Mr. Trump’s aides and allies were said to be especially concerned by the revelation that James B. Comey, the F.B.I. director fired by Mr. Trump, has contemporaneous, detailed memos reconstructing conversations with the president…

Mr. Trump has signaled he is likely to hire a new lawyer, but has not yet made a decision, according to three people who have spoken with him. Aides to Mr. Trump did not immediately comment on his discussions.

Mr. Trump is said to recognize that he needs help beyond the White House counsel. But he is deeply cautious in selecting people he trusts, and he adds new people to his orbit slowly.

Trump even knew that disgraced General Michael Flynn was under federal investigation , but he hired him anyway.

Trump has issues with accepting blame with the chaos he creates. Instead, he has criticized his staff, then later, throws them under the bus by countering the defense they offered him on the airwaves. Usually, he does this on Twitter, which garners him the attention he constantly seeks. Two people who have had direct discussions with Trump, say he has spared no one, including the White House counsel.

Meanwhile, White House staffers their resumes like rats from a sinking ship. Trump stands alone with no one left to defend him. Trump’s staffers who defended him publicly on TV each morning are now silent. Kellyanne Conway, where are you, girlfriend? She usually crawls out of her crypt to defend Trump but now, she’s MIA. It’s every man and woman for themselves. Trump, you’re all alone.

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