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Short Take on HBO’s “Game Change”

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I just finished watching “Game Change” on HBO Demand and I must say I enjoyed it. I don’t know how much was artistic liberty but even if half of Sarah Palin’s portrayal is accurate, we as a country dodged a bullet not having her as our vice president being only a heartbeat away from the presidency. Sarah Palin would have been a real and present danger to the safety and security of this country.

We all remember how well she surprisingly did during the one and only vice presidential debate against Joe Biden; the movie gave us a real behind the scenes look into what that debate was really about. It was about her memorizing lines as in a play. She basically just played puppet to the answers to any possible questions asked her during that debate.

What was really revealing about the movie is Sarah’s break down – she couldn’t handle the pressures that were put on her by the McCain team trying to prepare her for the media and the national stage. If we could only imagine what she would have been like if John McCain had become president and something happened to him that made her president. I could see her getting that call at 3am and facing a security crisis of enormous magnitude; would she breakdown then and become despondent as she did with the McCain campaign team? It’s a scary thought and to think that she’s contemplating a run if the nomination process breaks down for the Republican nomination.

One thing is clear – we do not want a Sarah Palin presidency; she would not only be very bad for the country but a bad reflection on our ability to pick a capable leader to this nation. We already had an embarrassment in the likeness of George W. Bush as president and he pales to a comparison of Sarah Palin as president.

I will say the movie cast a good light on Senator John McCain. Even though out of desperation to win the 2008 election, he chose Sarah Palin at the advice of his advisors, especially campaign manager Steve Schmitt, he still showed himself to be much better than the clowns that are the current candidates for the Republican nomination. For him there was a limit on how far he would go to become president, but for the current gaggle of geese, a couple of them would go to any lengths to secure themselves the White House.

When it’s all said and done, I do believe we got the best man in Barak Obama and I also believe he’ll be the best man for the next four years.

Great movie and I highly recommend watching it if you are fortunate enough to have HBO. If not – maybe you can get a friend to tape it for you.

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