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Shocking Report Shows Trump Bypassing Advisors, Finding ‘Loopholes’ To Get Around WH Protocols

The fact that Donald Trump doesn’t follow the rules isn’t exactly shocking at this point in his corruption-filled presidency. In fact, considering everything that has happened within his Russia scandal so far, we can almost expect that anything Trump does is breaking some sort of protocol.

But Trump isn’t even following the rules within his own White House. According to , Trump has been bypassing protocols that were set by his own Chief of Staff, John Kelly, finding “loopholes” so he can continue to do whatever the hell he wants.

The Wall Street Journal reported on how Trump makes secret assignments and plans, and specifically asks that Kelly be kept in the dark about it:

The president on occasion has called White House aides to the private residence in the evening, where he makes assignments and asks them not tell Mr. Kelly about the plans, according to several people familiar with the matter. At least once, aides have declined to carry out the requested task so as not to run afoul of Mr. Kelly, one of these people said.

The president, who values counsel from an informal group of confidants outside the White House, also sometimes bypasses the normal scheduling for phone calls that give other White House staff, including Mr. Kelly, some control and influence over who the president talks to and when.”

Kelly has done his best to create some form of order within Trump’s circus of an administration. Some of this has included trying to focus Trump’s attention by putting an end to random visits at the Oval Office and “no more patching through calls from Trump friends outside the White House who wanted to weigh in on the news.” Unfortunately, Trump is working just as hard to continue being the most inefficient failure of a president we’ve ever seen.

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