Seth Meyers Just RIPPED WH Aides On Their Lies About The Russia Investigation And It’s UGLY! (VIDEO) | THE POLITICUS

Seth Meyers Just RIPPED WH Aides On Their Lies About The Russia Investigation And It’s UGLY! (VIDEO)

This has been a crazy week for Cheeto Hitler because his entire staff — as well as the Republican party — are crumbling around him. Even the people who no longer work for him are still causing him grief which he either ignores or calls “Fake News.” The saddest part of it all is that his supporters don’t seem to care about what any of them are doing! They LOVE Trump’s illiterate tweets and his over the top ridiculous speeches. They call foul on whatever the REAL NEWS reports about the Russia investigation, and they don’t even care that Trump and his cronies are racist pieces of shit!

Fortunately for all of us who are still somewhat sane through all of this madness, we have people like Seth Meyers to set it all straight.

In his popular segment, A Closer Look, Seth points out the obvious lies from former White House aides, including Sean Spicer, who made a complete ass of himself at the Emmys last week.

His appearance did not go over well with most Americans paying attention. Seth points out:

You never lied to the American people? Then what was that thing you did at the Emmys? Because remember, you came out and said this was the largest audience to witness the Emmys, period. That was a joke about when you lied about the size of the inauguration crowd. A joke that you told about the lie that you told.”

If you didn’t see Spicer’s embarrassing performance, you can watch it here:

A lot of people found Spicer’s appearance funny, but to those of us paying attention, it wasn’t funny. Not one bit.

But Meyers didn’t stop there. He tore into Manafort too, but we don’t want to give it all away.


This entire administration is full of CRAP and will hopefully all be in jail soon! The fact that we need late night TV hosts to tell us the truth these days is really sad! But thank G-D for them.

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