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The Sepp Blatter Saga: Best Utter Nonsense Competition Winner Of The Day

On Friday, Blatter defied critics and his opponents within Fifa to secure a fifth term at the helm, and vowed to fix things. He said: “Starting tomorrow … I’m being held accountable for the storm. OK, I will shoulder that responsibility.”

But Blatter also appeared to discount his own responsibility for the scandal. “We can’t constantly supervise everyone in football,” he insisted. “You can’t just ask people to behave ethically just like that.”

Yes especially when it is endemic to FIFA and has been known about for decades, even his predecessor

What many don't know is that FIFA officials were receiving bribes long before Blatter became president. According to Swiss court documents released in 2011, former FIFA president João Havelange, who served from 1974 to 1998, and his stepson Ricardo Teixeira (a former FIFA official and former president of the Brazilian football federation) received around $42 million in bribes between 1992 and 2000 from a marketing company in exchange for FIFA broadcasting rights.

Yes , so starting tomorrow I will be held accountable, but as for the past well, aw shucks, people my friends, you just cant trust them.

As for telling people to be ethical you define what that means in their employment contracts. Apparently FIFA's code of ethical conduct contains one line

"Don't get caught".

It has been interesting to read comments in various countries of how this is somehow the fault of the US. Just because most other countries seem to have turned a blind eye to this endemic corruption, because money.

building the stadiums in Qatar underlines the absurdity of it all.

Clearly there must be a magic number of slave deaths in the world’s richest country that would render the Qatar World Cup a moral and political no-no. But what is that number? What is the ballpark figure where deaths in the construction of ballparks become unacceptable?

The question is not believed to be keeping Sepp Blatter awake at night. Something tells me the Fifa president sleeps the bewilderingly untroubled sleep that only a certain stripe of western leader enjoys. (Do recall that Tony Blair actually had to be woken up to be told the bombing of Baghdad he had co-ordered was soon to begin.)

So my vote for the nonsense quote of the day goes to Sepp Blatter

You can’t just ask people to behave ethically just like that

Yes you can, it is done time and time again, its called a code of conduct.

You fire people when they are in breach of this contract.

Obviously FIFA either doesn't have one at all, or choose to ignore it totally.

so ignore it. it is, or at least ignore it for the important folks when lots of money is there for the taking.

1 scope of applicability

This Code shall apply to conduct that damages the integrity and reputation of

football and in particular to illegal, immoral and unethical behaviour. The Code

focuses on general conduct within association football that has little or no

connection with action on the field of play.

2Persons covered  

This Code shall apply to all officials and players as well as match and players’

agents who are bound by this Code on the day the infringement is committed.

3 Applicability in time

This Code shall apply to conduct whenever it occurred including before the

passing of the rules contained in this Code except that no individual shall be

sanctioned for breach of this Code on account of an act or omission which

would not have contravened the Code applicable at the time it was committed

nor subjected to a sanction greater than the maximum sanction applicable

at the time the conduct occurred. This shall, however, not prevent the Ethics

Committee from considering the conduct in question and drawing any

conclusions from it that are appropriate