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Senior Democrat Warns Trump Allies: Don’t Count On An Arpaio-Style Pardon

Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut has a message for Donald Trump’s allies in the fight against charges that his campaign colluded with Russia: Don’t get too comfy, because you’re not getting pardoned.

Blumenthal proved himself fully vested in the Russia inquiry back in April, when he blasted the confirmation hearing for Neil Gorsuch with about a potential constitutional crisis regarding Mr. Trump.

But it wasn’t the Senate floor that this warning came from. Blumenthal instead went to what is shaping up to be the preferred method of communication with Trump and his team, Twitter:

This is definitely not the message potential witnesses wanted to take away from a weekend in which they saw Donald Trump first exercise his authority to issue pardons. Many critics viewed the pardon of America’s Most Hated Sheriff as not only a signal of pardons to come, but as a bona fide confirmation of Trump’s racism.

Arpaio, of course, had been convicted of criminal contempt of court for ignoring an order mandating an end to his racial profiling practices. Arpaio’s disregard for the law, however, is almost eclipsed by Trump’s in issuing the pardon. Trump has frequently referred to himself as a “law and order” president, but now we can see that’s not so in the case of crimes involving racism.

America can count on Richard Blumenthal and the rest of the Democrats in Congress to be as “law and order” as the country needs when it comes to prosecuting anyone complicit in the corruption of our democracy.

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