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A Second Term for Barack Obama

As I reflect back to those days before the election in 2008 and I recall the feeling of hope so many of us had at the time. We had just lived through eight years of watching America become a mountain of falling dreams and Corporate America becoming more powerful, as ordinary people bought homes they couldn’t afford, thanks to subprime mortgages at high interests rates and those ordinary people, both Republican and Democrat all began to work a lot harder to make a living.

At the end of those long and dreadful years of wars and narrow-minded politics ruling the day, after watching Reaganomic-style tax cuts that favored the wealthy, we of course ended up in the deepest hole we’d ever been. We suffered heavy job losses and people began to lose those homes they couldn’t afford as the housing bubble burst.

The Bush administration responded with a plea to Congress to put together a bailout package to give to the banks, without it they said, our country would suffer dearly for it.

In the meantime, candidate Barack Obama was energizing the country with a campaign of change, hope and vision of a better tomorrow. Then November rolled around and it was an easy win, thanks in no part to Obama’s charisma and the lack of it in his opponent McCain. Sen. McCain’s VP choice didn’t help the McCain team either.

For most Americans – at least all those who had voted for Barack Obama –expected great things from their dashing young black man in shining armor. He said he would get us health care and he did, but not exactly how we really wanted it; he also said he would end DODT and he did; he said he would reform banking regulations and he did; he said he would get Osama bin Laden and he did, and I can go on through a long list of accomplishments by President Obama.

He turned around the economy with a recovered stock market along with the auto industry and with improving job numbers.  The most amazing thing about this is the fact he done all of this while he faced complete opposition from Republican lawmakers.

For sure, President Obama is a man with flaws; but as far as I’m concerned, those flaws are few. He has been a great leader with strong conviction, along with a strong resolve and a true show of compassion for the needs of others.

As always, character is important in a man but then, we should never expect perfection because character is the very soul of each of us. I believe Barack Obama has shown a very gracious character; honorable and with integrity, selflessness and humility.

Along with character, we Americans look for inner strength in our choice to be president. Can this man who would be president make the important choices he needs to make in a time of crisis? How will he hold up to personal attacks and especially for Obama – how will the bigotry and hatred of those who oppose him wound him as man?

This is the man that we trust with all our lives by his national security choices, this is the man we have placed our hopes and dreams on; can he rise to the occasion and turn this divided country around and bring us back to prosperity for all, not just the few?

We’ve seen presidents come and go, they make campaign promises and hopefully they’ll at least keep a few of them. Barack Obama hasn’t kept all of his promises for sure but I do believe he has kept his fair share of them if not more. I also don’t believe that he was quite expecting such an overwhelming barrier of opposition to him as never in the history of American presidents.

If we are to reelect him, what are we to expect with a Obama second term? Will the economy continue to improve under his presidency? Will he work to end the Defense of Marriage Act and even though he’s said he’s not for legalization of marijuana, is it possible he might evolve on that issue and consider decriminalization? Will he keep us safe from terrorist and enemy nations to the best of his ability?

I’m going to go with yes on most of these questions and that’s with realizing he may even have a congress more difficult to work with in his second term than the first – or could it get any more difficult? President Obama has shown a true propensity in getting things done and looking out for the country’s interests, that tells me that he’s a good bet for a second term.

He surely has my vote; can I get a second on that?