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Sean Spicer Just Said The Most Batsh*t Crazy Thing About Working For Trump (VIDEO)

Sean Spicer, who had been keeping a low profile since leaving his role in the Trump administration, is currently on a roll when it comes to leaving Americans in shock. On Sunday, Spicer made everyone’s jaws drop when he made a surprise appearance during the Emmys and helped host Stephen Colbert mock his old boss, Donald Trump.

Now the former White House press secretary is resurfacing once again to make America go, “WTF?”

Spicer just gave an interview with ABC’s Paula Faris, where he spoke extensively about his short six months in the White House and what working for Trump was like. But as the interview went on, it appeared that Spicer is completely oblivious to just how much his time under Trump has damaged his reputation. When Faris asked Spicer if his appearance at the Emmys was an attempt to revamp his image, Spicer said:

I feel very good with my image. I’m very happy with myself.”

This is a particularly interesting comment for Spicer to make, as several news outlets have reportedly had because he has zero credibility. Further proving that Spicer is just as disconnected from reality as he was when he worked for Trump, Spicer’s comments about his ‘honesty’ are even more insane. When Faris brought up the fact that critics disliked how he mislead the American people on behalf of Trump, Spicer denied ever doing so. Spicer actually tried to argue that he never lied! He said:

Look, I made mistakes. there’s no question. Some of them I tried to own very publicly, and in some cases there were things that I did that until someone brought it up, I said, ‘Gosh, I didn’t realize that was a mistake, I’m sorry about that.’ But to watch some of the personal attacks questioning what my intentions were, I think were really over the top.”

Throughout the interview, Spicer repeatedly denied having an issue with credibility. And this should come as no surprise, but Spicer also stated he wouldn’t be apologizing for perpetuating Trump’s fake news. You can watch this insane interview below:

Featured image via Alex Wong / Getty Images