Scott Walkers Big Money Bag Unleashed to Buy Better Polling Results 

Scott Walkers Big Money Bag Unleashed to Buy Better Polling Results

I have plenty of these to buy your approval.

It's been pretty nice to see Scott Walker flailing and failing since his dismal showing in the last Republican debate. Seriously, they should have just placed drying paint at his podium. It would have been similarly interesting.

So, what's a slick career politician gonna do when voters get a whiff of reality and find they don't like it? Go on a media tour with a charm offensive, plenty of BS, and start spending piles of money on ads, of course. Nice to have billionaire backers willing to spend their money to ensure their puppet gets elected to office to serve their interests.

Unintimidated PAC plans to spend $9.25 million in South Carolina, New Hampshire and Nevada, including more than $8 million in South Carolina alone, the group said Wednesday.

Please note that this $9.25 is on top of the $7 million already spent on ads in Iowa (they begin next week and continue through February 2016).

Yup, 16 months from election day and more than $16 million dollars is being spent to pump up his poll numbers. It's the Scott Walker way particularly when media isn't reporting the way he wants and there are votes to be scraped up.

Here's the disgusting ad that will air complete with Walker's biggest calling card: beating up hard working public employees.

Yes, he's a tough guy when it comes to beating up teachers, librarians, nurses, and other public servants. In fact, he's even compared how tough he was on unions to how tough he'll be on ISIS! Like, somehow, they're the same. Ridiculous, but the base of low information voters he talks to just lap it up and nod agreement.