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Scott Walker: On The Solution To The Probe Rape Issue

An Open Letter To Wisconsin Women

Dear Women Folk

It has been brought to my intention that ultrasound requirements may involve unwanted intrusion into your lady parts.

We have come to a purchasing agreement with General Electric to supply probes to all women in Wisconsin at a reasonable cost of $500 per probe.

So if you have behaved like a slut and stupidly got yourself pregnant and want to murder the fetus that god in all his munificence gave you, you will be required to buy a probe and insert it before the obligatory examination.

This will eliminate any suggestion of non voluntary probing, please also note you may also be asked to move it during the examination. We can then proceed to harangue you in peace.

This will enable me to sleep peacefully knowing that new jobs will be created and when I am elected President all the brides of Satan will have one, so that one day they to will receive enlightenment.


God willing

The Next President of the United States of America

Scott Walker.

PS if you think this will be covered by any form of medical insurance, think again