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Scott Walker Signs Law Ending Future John Doe Probes

Scott Walker is John Doe

He just made sure this can't happen again

Yup. When you've been the target of 2 secret John Doe investigations, control the State Legislature, and are as sleazy and willing to do anything to get what you want as Scott Walker, it makes sense to put an end to any further investigations of yourself and your cronies. Scott Walker just signed that law so he can now breathe easy. He can do what he wants and never face accountability.

The law Walker signed Friday will prevent prosecutors from using the John Doe law to look into matters such as misconduct in office and bribery of public officials, as well as many other crimes, such as identity theft and lower-level drug dealing.

Naturally, he signed the bill on a Friday so it wouldn't be in the news. This came only 1 day after newly released John Doe documents showed him up to his eyeballs not just fundraising, but illegally collaborating with a dark money group. The same dark money group that poured millions of dollars into electing a majority of the State Supreme Court Justices that ultimately ruled to end the current investigation (yes, the smell is overwhelming).

The bill, recently introduced by Republicans, sailed through the GOP dominated State Legislature right onto Walkers' desk. Republicans called it a bill to reaffirm "free speech". Democrats call it what it really is; open season on corruption.

Republicans said the changes would prevent prosecutorial overreach and protect people's constitutional rights. Democrats argued politicians were protecting themselves from prosecution and said the measure would lead to corruption, especially when coupled with measures also before lawmakers that would loosen campaign finance laws and overhaul the state's ethics and elections board.

"Wisconsin is being opened for corruption," said Assembly Minority Leader Peter Barca (D-Kenosha). "These bills mark the end of clean, open and transparent government in Wisconsin. It is an abuse of power."


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