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Scott Walker Officially Crams Himself into the Republican Clown Car

15 now and still counting

One day after signing his Presidential Campaign Promotion ... Republican Austerity Gone Wild ... Reward Your Donors and Hammer Your Opposition ... the Wisconsin State Budget, Scott Walker his long-anticipated entry into the 2016 Republican Primary with an announcement later and video.

He originally planned to make his flag-waving, uber patriotic announcement during the Independence Day weekend, but chaos in the Legislature caused by his long absence made the state budget weeks late as Republicans kept introducing ever more embarrassing non-budgetary wish list items into the already bloated budget. This might be the first budget with more non-budget policy items in it than actual budget measures.

Warning:  Have your barf bag handy and keep your BS Meter protected from overload:

Of COURSE comments are disabled on You Tube the same way that the general public is never allowed into Scott Walkers so-called "public" events (at his "official announcement", you must have a ticket AND present a valid photo ID to enter the event which is being held at a public facility in blood red Waukesha County). Ditto "public" bill signings or speeches. All in front of a captive-employee audience or hand picked supporters waving tickets to the event.

He doesn't want anyone to be confused between what he says or claims and factual reality. Yes, he is still touting himself as a "job-bringer" despite his miserable record on jobs (Wisconsin is dead last in the Midwest in new jobs). For Walker, propaganda works which is why he hammers so hard on any opposition, holds "public" events in private facilities so he only appears in front of hand picked audiences, has direct line access to local RW radio hosts across Wisconsin, and generally makes himself unavailable to the media.

And our media, who so faithfully broadcast and print his talking points and propaganda like gospel, who rarely ask anything besides softball questions with virtually no follow up, who generally ignore bad news and fluff him up at every opportunity? Yeah, he still treats them like shit and has them begging for more. Go figure.

He must now bid adieu to the unlimited fundraising he's been feverishly doing since being re-elected Governor of Wisconsin. Now, his funds will be limited and reported (well, except for those dark money groups that got him into hot water with the John Doe II prosecutors). The dark money groups that poured huge sums into his 2010 run for Governor, the 2012 recall, and were once again out in full force last year will continue to play a prominent role in Scott Walkers' quest for the White House.

But .... Scott Walker for America? No. Not really. Not ever.

It's really Scott Walker for Scott Walker. In fact, he's using the same URL () he's always used, just fancied up with a new name. Walker has always used each elected office as a springboard to his next, higher goal. He never does the job he's elected to other than to reward donors, please his voter base, and abuse his opposition, whether real or imagined. He leaves each area worse off for his having been there in a position to rule.

For a fuller look at Walkers' history, .

I could write a book about this guy, but below the cheese curl I'm going to unravel only one of his claims: that he's a "bold leader".