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Scott Walker is Following Me Around the Internet

There's plenty of these if you run my ad

Creepy. Very creepy.

You know how ads from commercial sites you visit tend to appear everywhere for a day after you've visited that site? Some are more persistent than others, but I've never run into one that followed me around the internet so consistently or so long as the ad that has been following me everywhere since I visited (don't go there - see warning below) early on Monday. I visited it because I was on Walkers now official Presidential announcement and wanted to see what lies and baloney he was serving up on his site. I consider that to be part of my job protecting the innocent and gullible. ;-D

I'm familiar with the URL because Walker uses it for every campaign. And now it's all brand new and shiny for his Presidential hopes and dreams. As usual, it's going to be filled with whatever bullshit he thinks will get him votes and not how he plans to rule if he's ever (shudder) elected to office.

Pretty normal for Scotty because with him it's always governing by sneak attack and surprise.

But, after visiting that site just once I've been followed everywhere on the internet by his profile picture and a big "donate" button that consumes every inch of ad space anywhere I visit. If there are 3 places for ads, I'll see the Scott Walker ad in each of those spaces.

I've even gone to those other commercial sites (you know the ones) hoping that their pesky ads would bump Walkers off. But, nooooooo. He's still there begging for my moneys and making me sick with even the very idea he might get close to the Oval Office.

I'm not sure how the whole internet ad thing works, but I'm pretty sure a site pays to have their ads display after a site visit. I have never, however, seen an ad so persistent, appear in nearly all the ad space, and follow me around for so many days.

At first it was laughable because I knew money was being spent to pester someone who is less likely to donate money to Scott Walker than the Titanic is to sail itself to the surface of the Atlantic Ocean and resume it's voyage to New York. But Walker has HUGE money behind him and this won't make even a microscopic dent in his massive campaign budget.

Scott Walker, it seems, just can't quit me.

So, fellow travelers on the internet tubes, beware of Scott Walkers web site. I'm sure he's ready to follow you, too. Everywhere.