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Scott Walker: Follow the Money and Misadventures

Unless you're a donor or billionaire, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R-IWannaBePresident) has nothing for you except a growing mushroom cloud of disaster. It's grown even larger since his re-election in November. His upcoming inauguration has become .

Walker created controversy with his 2011 inauguration by breaking with tradition and keeping 100 percent of all contributions to his various inaugural events for either his campaign account or the Republican Party of Wisconsin. Previously, using proceeds raised from his 2003 and 2007 inaugural events, Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle donated over $500,000 to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Wisconsin.

In 2015 it will cost you a $20 contribution to the Republican Party to ice skate with Scott Walker, $50 to listen to music with Scott Walker and up to $1,000 to dance and drink with Scott Walker at the inaugural ball. It will even set you back $25 to pray with Scott Walker at the inaugural prayer breakfast.

(bolding is mine)

That's right, folks. He kept every single nickel from his 2011 inauguration and today it's Pay to Pray (or skate, or drink) so he can fill up those Presidential Ambitions coffers. I wouldn't surprise me at all if those paid prayers were for Republican early primary votes.

Far from his public image as a devout Christian man, not a dime of his 2011 or 2015 inaugural haul will end up in the hands of any charity besides Scott Walker. It's the first time ever for a Governor to keep the loot. But that's Scott Walker, a modern-day Pharisee in the white robes of public piety to disguise a heart at black as a lump of Koch Brothers coal.

Worse than the Pharisees who were vilified by Jesus for ignoring the poor, sick and vulnerable, Walker wages war on the poor, sick, vulnerable, and working stiffs in Wisconsin. He wants to bring that to the nation. Watch out, 'Murika, Walker is coming for YOU.