Scott Walker and Ron Johnson Tanking in Wisconsin Polls; RoJo Taking Action; Walker - Meh

Latest poll isn't good for Rojo.

Couldn't happen to 2 more deserving people IMVHO.

I realized something was up when I actually received a reply to an email I sent to Wisconsin's Junior Senator, Ron Johnson (R-IBoughtMySenateSeat):

Dear Ms. (my name was listed),

Thank you for contacting me regarding my decision to sign the open letter to Iranian leaders.

I signed the letter because it told the truth - a truth that needed to be conveyed. The deal being negotiated with Iran regarding its nuclear program will have grave repercussions for the region and the world. Aside from the immediate danger to the region and Israel, if Iran procures or develops a nuclear weapon, its Arab neighbors will also procure nuclear weapons and no region in the world will be more volatile and dangerous for the world and America. Iran must not acquire a nuclear weapon. Not now, not ever. That has long been this nation's position – and the position of the United Nations. Any agreement with Iran should not grant Iran the right to enrich uranium.

In my mind, the importance of a deal with Iran causes it to rise to the level of a treaty between nations that would require Senate ratification. Unfortunately, President Obama has chosen to "go it alone" and does not plan to seek congressional input or approval. The letter I signed merely states that taking this approach limits the deal's long-term enforceability and viability. It might have been better to address it as an 'open letter' without directing it to anyone in particular, but I stand behind the content and the direction of the letter.

Thank you again for contacting my office. It is very helpful to hear the views of the constituents I serve. To date, my office has received more than 1,500,000 letters, emails and phone calls. My mission is to provide information to as many people as possible concerning the enormous financial and cultural challenges facing America.

Please see my website at for additional information. It is an honor representing you and all the people of Wisconsin.


Ron Johnson
United States Senator

Despite numerous emails and contact forms, this was the very first response I've received since Rojo has been in office for over 5 years.

It was followed by another email telling me that he's been all over the state visiting with folks just like me. Titled "Ron in Your Neighborhood", it listed a few things he's been doing. No, he's really not in my neighborhood and likely won't be.

Ron Around Wisconsin

2,300 Wisconsin business owners held a Telephone Town Hall with Ron to talk about health care, taxes and regulatory reform.
Ron continues his Supper Club Tour. Look for him at your favorite Fish Fry!
Ron Made a surprise phone call to the 8th grade class at Assumption Catholic School in Durand, WI to answer their questions.

This from a man that hasn't done a town hall since his campaign.

Well, when your approval rating is 38% and Russ Feingold is at 54%, it's time to at least pretend to care about the peons.

Rojo will be running for re-election next year and he's worried. The previous poll, done a few weeks ago, showed his disapproval at 52%. Not good for a guy who hates government so much that he ran for office. Even his Republican colleagues don't like him.

His record is awful, he repeatedly embarrasses himself and his state, and he's got the personality of a starving pack of hyenas. He has accomplished absolutely nothing in his over 5 years in Washington. His first utterance to everyone he meets is "Don't ask me for anything".

Russ Feingold

Here's the man we need as Senator.

I'm anxiously waiting for Russ Feingold (54% favorable in the poll) to officially announce that he's running for his old Senate Seat.

Johnson's lag behind Feingold is a sign "that (Feingold's) not been forgotten, nor has the public seemingly turned against him in his time away from the state," said Charles Franklin, director of the poll.