Scott Walker at 52% Disapproval (and news on John Doe Law, Russ Feingold, too)

Scott Walker at 52% Disapproval (and news on John Doe Law, Russ Feingold, too)

Gov. Scott Walker (R-FitzWalkerStan)  not so popular back home these days

With Scott Walkers latest extremist moves, obvious lies, and flip flopping on long standing positions to align himself with Iowa Republican Primary voters, his reputation in Wisconsin is more than a little dinged up.

In the automated survey (taken March 6-8) of 1,071 registered voters, 43% approve of Walker’s performance and 52% disapprove, a decline in his rating from before the 2014 election.

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Well, that's expected when you lie about wanting Right to Work, a ban on abortions after 20 weeks, flip-flop on long-standing issues to pander for Presidential Primary votes, get a national outing by non-pandering media, and spend the vast majority of your time jetting from place to place speechifying and courting donors for a Presidential campaign you repeatedly assured Wisconsin voters that you weren't interested in.

The PPP Poll also finds more bad news for Walker.

Overall only 35% of voters in Wisconsin want Walker to run for President, compared to 58% who don't think he should run. Those findings are pretty much par for the course for a Presidential candidate in their own state- voters are rarely enthusiastic about their native sons aiming for the White House.

Walker's approval numbers have also significantly dipped over the last few months though. Right before the election last fall we found him with a 49/47 approval spread. That's now dropped to 43/52. His numbers with both Democrats and Republicans are pretty much where they were four months ago. But he's seen a large decline with independents- where he was on narrowly positive ground with them before the election at a 48/45 spread, he's now dropped down to 36/57. The new right to work law is likely part of what's causing Walker problems- only 42% of voters support it, pretty much mirroring his approval rating.

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But Walker is doubling down on his White House bid by massively increasing his staff. He has to win the White House in order to outrun the pile of debt he's been massing in Wisconsin; the same strategy he used to outrun the debt he ran up in Milwaukee County - leaving it for the next guy to deal with as he moved to his next, higher political office.