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Scott hid TB patients, do some voters really trust him with Ebola?

Old Rick Scott is far from ethical but more than that, he is downright dangerous.

With all the news on infectious diseases, who in their right mind would trust a man who is destined to profit from illness when choosing a governor.  

Keep in mind this man did head up the largest medicare fraud in the history of the US.

Keep in mind this same man has denied hundreds of thousands of people healthcare.

Keep in mind this same man hid away 19 TB patients in a motel.

When the Center for Disease Control issues a warning about a large outbreak of Tuberculosis(TB), a rational person would prepare to address the issue; perhaps notify the local hospitals or shelters. If the area had a top-notch treatment center, I suspect notifying them would likely be at the top of one’s to-do list as governor.

Instead, Governor Rick Scott of Florida ordered the shutdown of the state’s only TB treatment facility, the A G Holley State Hospital in Lantana, Florida – part of a larger Department of Health budget cut signed just nine days before the state was notified. The shutdown was accelerated after the notice was given, and the facility shut down 6 months ahead of schedule back in June. The reason given; austerity, in order to fund the tax cuts for the rich

Keep in mind, Rick Scott has his finger in every walk in clinic, healthcare decision in the State and being sued for hiding millions and millions of profit and taxpayer dollars from the people of Florida.

Have you heard about some of the mystery illnesses we have down here?  Didn't think so.

Rick Scott can not be trusted with the common cold and disclosure of any outbreaks.

Why?  He stands to profit from any and all illness.

Why would people who cannot afford insurance trust this man?

Why would the elderly trust this man?

He runs away from questions.   He covers up and hides almost everything about his administration and the DOJ has found him in so much wrong that it boggles the mind and the body.

My advice to people fence sitting.  Never ever vote for anyone who lives in a bubble of protection, lies and lies to the people he is supposed to be serving and takes from the least among us.   This is the description of a monster, not a governor.

The entire state of Florida is in danger from this highly infectious disease, but Gov. Rick Scott was probably too busy suppressing votes with his voter purge-apalooza, covering up this new scandal, and refusing to implement health care laws to concern himself.

Now, today, again from the Post, we have this:

[F]or at least two years, TB patients were routed by Duval County health officials to the Monterey Motel and told to stay put
. [...] until they no longer were contagious, state Department of Health spokeswoman Jessica Hammonds said.

I think Scott's answer to Ebola if someone started showing signs and symptoms as Mr. Duncan did would be, " Quick, get him to the Motel 6 and don't say a word about this, especially to the CDC."...I can make a buck or two off this.   Yep that is his mindset.  

That is how this whole lot of republican fruitcakes handle infectious diseases.  Don't say nothing and it will go away or die off.  How is this any different from genocide on a smaller scale?   Allowing or causing people, especially the poor to die.  I guess a Bush will have to contract some dread disease before some folks in Florida wake up that they are anything but safe under Rick Lynn Scott.