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Schumer Brews A Storm Over Trump For His Cowardly Behavior During Hurricane Harvey

Every once in a while, we get a reminder of why the legends of the Senate are still in office. Chuck Schumer of New York is one such legend and a powerful ally in the fight against Donald Trump’s dangerous and disgusting agenda. But Schumer’s voice is never louder in opposition to conservative claptrap than when he raises it against discrimination. Friday night, as the country buckled down for Hurricane Harvey, the senator recalls the island that epitomizes the open door of America called out President Donald Trump for his anti-American conduct.

When news broke that Trump was taking the opportunity during a national disaster to one of the most famous American racists , Schumer wasted no time going to the mattresses:

That’s already enough to make me sleep a little better knowing he’s a thorn in the side of history’s worst president. But Schumer wasn’t done:

Those last two tweets really sum up the problem with Donald Trump. Rather than ever admit he’s wrong or tone-deaf, he extends both middle fingers and does something even worse. Call him a racist? He’ll prove what a racist he is, goddamnit!

Here’s a tip, Donnie: It doesn’t matter how “forcefully” you condemn racism, or which hate groups you name () if the very next thing you do as the leader of the country is something deeply, deeply racist. Literally no other person alive personifies vicious white oppression of minorities from a position of power than Joe Arpaio. Did you think the nickname “The Most Hated Sheriff In America” was applied ironically?

Maybe Trump identifies with Arpaio more lately as he slides inexorably toward the title of Most Hated President In History.

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