Schiff Says Intel Committee Leaks And Cover Up Prove Chairmen Is A ‘Trump Surrogate’ (VIDEO) | THE POLITICUS

Schiff Says Intel Committee Leaks And Cover Up Prove Chairmen Is A ‘Trump Surrogate’ (VIDEO)

In an attempt to help citizens unravel the complicated situation in the House Intelligence Committee, Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) answered questions about it on The View Thursday morning, saying that the biggest problem facing the committee is that the current chairman, Devin Nunes (R-CA), once worked for the Trump campaign.

Some in the committee now question whether he is able to preside impartially over the investigation of his former boss. While Schiff says that he didn’t originally view having former ties as being an outright disqualifier for the role of chairman during a Trump investigation, he believes that more recent developments have made it clear that Nunes lacks the ability to keep these roles separate.

Nunes admits that he leaked information from the investigation to Trump, and also made misleading statements that seem to be an attempt at shoring up Trump’s wiretap claim. Schiff says that, when asked if the information was provided by the administration itself, Nunes refused to answer. That alone should be enough to have Nunes removed from his position as chairman.

Furthermore, Schiff says that the committee still hasn’t seen any evidence of what both of wiretapping against the Trump campaign. This means that the administration and the press were given priority over the committee leading the investigation. – something that clearly brings Nunes’ allegiance into question.

Nunes says that he leaked the information to the administration because it involved Trump, and he felt that Trump had “a right to know.” However, just weeks ago, when leaks were coming from the White House, he railed against them and demanded they be investigated by the FBI. If Nunes is to retain any respect as chairman of the intelligence committee, he needs to explain how his own leaks are different, or less detrimental, to an ongoing investigation that he himself was responsible for. However, it’s starting to look more and more like his anger was just another red herring to draw attention away from the Russia investigation by bogging down the FBI.

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