Sarah Palin’s Dumba$$ ‘One Word’ Tweet Gets Exactly The Hilarious Response It Deserves (TWEETS) | THE POLITICUS

Sarah Palin’s Dumba$$ ‘One Word’ Tweet Gets Exactly The Hilarious Response It Deserves (TWEETS)

Sarah Palin has taken the art of making a fool of herself to epic levels. No matter what she does, she manages to put herself in a position of being ridiculed by multitudes of people. Just last week she managed to faceplant herself into a rock, using the incident to attack Hillary Clinton…for some reason. This week, with a dumbass Tweet and what we have to assume was a dumb look on her face while tweeting it, the half-term moron we love to laugh at walked head first into hilarity…again.

It all began with this:


Of course she’s referring to Donald Trump. Not that you’d ever know it, because her link leads to this:


Too dumb to make sure your link works? Check. One of the first responses was to remind her of just that:


That was just the beginning of the torment that was about to be unleashed on Palin. You can’t just post “one word,” be the country’s second most notorious idiot next to Michele Bachmann and expect to walk away unscathed. The Twitterverse would never allow such a thing. They unloaded on her instead:


I’m with Charlie. One word responses weren’t all she got. Some people see a Palin tweet and have no choice but to let loose the trolls of war:


There truly is no end. The best part is, someone figured out that the link Palin tried in vain to share was to her Facebook page, where she posted the same magnificent “Leadership!” with this picture:


Yes, that’s sure leadership, isn’t it? A picture of Donald Trump, giving the power handshake position every business executive learns during their first seminar with the Friedman Group to President Nieto, standing at a podium with no American flag because he was apparently too inept to bring one along for the ride…to a foreign country.

That’s true leadership right there, folks. Go to Mexico, make a fool of yourself, come back with your tail between your legs and declare yourself victorious. A Trump presidency sure would be glorious, wouldn’t it?