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Sarah Huckabee Sanders Just Tried To Save Trump From Russia Probe, Epically Fails (VIDEO)

Donald Trump could not save himself from his Russia investigation if his life depended on it, so he’s left it up to the equally incompetent members of his team to do his dirty work. Unfortunately for Trump, he’s toast — because his minions can never make a good case for his innocence.

Recently, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders tried her hardest to make Trump look better in his devastating Russia investigation by taking a low, pathetic blow at his 2016 opponent, Hillary Clinton. Deflecting from Trump, Huckabee Sanders insisted that Clinton had committed the real collusion, suggesting that the Trump administration still wants Clinton to be investigated just because she beat him in the popular vote.

This is one of the most desperate things the Trump White House could do right now in order to take the collusion spotlight off of Trump. We all know that Trump’s ego is still bruised over the fact that he lost the popular vote by MILLIONS, but this is really taking it too far. To suggest that Clinton “colluded” and cheated in order to win the popular vote just shows how petty and out of options the Trump administration is.

You can watch Huckabee Sanders epically fail to make a case for Trump’s innocence below:

Like all of the Trump administration’s attempts to clear Trump’s name, Huckabee Sanders fell flat on her face with this attempt. America is well aware that Clinton wasn’t the presidential candidate whose campaign secretly met with Russian officials — Trump was. There is nothing that could discredit the proof that is piling up in Mueller’s investigation, especially after the release of the by Senator Dianne Feinstein on Tuesday.

The evidence against Trump and his campaign is damning, and the Trump administration knows it looks bad. Trump’s own fear and jealousy has rubbed off on his frantic staffers, and they’re running out of options to save him from his own inevitable downfall.

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