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Sarah Huckabee Sanders Just Lied On Twitter And Made Her Boss Look Even Worse

The relief effort in Puerto Rico has been slammed repeatedly, . The Washington Post has been very critical of the response to the devastation that Mother Nature wrought on the island, as have other news outlets. So, true to form, Trump threw a fit on Twitter because once again, he’s not getting the glowing praise he thinks he deserves. Sarah Huckabee Sanders joined the fray, but she made a grave mistake in doing so.

Here’s what she tweeted:

She is, of course, standing up for her boss because nobody in this administration knows how to do anything else. But 100 percent support to our military and first responders? His own commander on the ground, General Jeffrey Buchanan, literally said otherwise. that we haven’t yet sent enough people or resources to give Puerto Rico the help they need. Sure, Trump is scaling up the relief effort now, but where has all of this been for the last week?

But it’s his own tweets on the situation that are the main problem here. Sanders made him look worse with that “100 percent” comment because he’s busy trashing Puerto Rico and San Juan’s mayor, complaining that they want everything done for them. He thinks he’s giving 100 percent support to those he sees as his people. But we have to ask, how is the below anything other than insulting to all those first responders in light of the fact that Buchanan says there aren’t enough resources there?

So which is it? He’s giving 100 percent support and has been the whole time, or Puerto Rico needs to help us out despite the resources available to us that are currently not available to them? Because the latter isn’t supporting first responders and troops on the ground. It’s throwing them to the wolves.

The sheer amount of devastation . Trump spent last weekend going off on the NFL and golfing. Abby Phillip, who works for the Washington Post and is a political analyst on CNN, to both the White House and FEMA about whether Trump got briefings from anyone directly involved in hurricane response from Sept. 22-25, which is when he went silent on Puerto Rico and golfed instead. Surprise, surprise, they wouldn’t answer that question. Some officials are floored by the devastation, and Trump needed to be on hand to handle things like this:

The level of devastation and the impact on the first responders we closely work with was so great that those people were having to take care of their families and homes to an extent we don’t normally see.”

It’s only now, when he’s getting horrific press for his slow reactions, that he’s starting to mobilize the resources they so badly need there. Ultimately, what Sanders said is typical of this administration when it’s under fire. “Don’t listen to the haters. We are doing everything perfectly, unlike everyone else.”

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