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Sarah Huckabee Sanders Just Destroyed Trump’s Entire Administration In One Sentence (VIDEO)

It doesn’t take much to make Donald Trump and his administration look terrible (especially since Trump does such a great job himself), but today his own White House Press Secretary did a hell of a job.

Trump infamously spent his almost entire holiday break on the golf course, golfing several days in a row even after promising Americans he would be getting “back to work” right after Christmas was over. Trump received loads of backlash for his laziness, particularly because he had bashed former President Barack Obama for playing golf (even though he’d far exceeded Obama’s golfing record).

As you can imagine, this has left Trump’s team having to answer to America about Trump’s ridiculous golfing habit. Unfortunately for Trump, his team is just as horrible at their jobs as he is. Earlier today, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders humiliated Trump and his entire administration with her response to a very simple question.

In the first daily briefing of the year, a reporter asked if the White House has “some kind of issue with his” golfing and being transparent about it, and Sanders threw the Trump administration under the bus with one single sentence:

I think it’s the press that has an issue with his time on the course.”

She followed that up with, “The president is extremely proud of the accomplishments we had during 2017.”

So basically Huckabee Sanders is admitting that Trump’s team is just as incompetent and immoral as he is, and that no one on his entire team cares that the president . As nearly the entire country has an issue with the amount of time Trump spends on the golf course, this was an extremely moronic, tone-deaf response and Huckabee Sanders made the Trump administration look terrible.

If the Trump administration somehow thought that it might be less of a joke in 2018, Huckabee Sanders just destroyed all hope. She also followed these comments up with lies about how Trump had the “most successful first years in office” of any president, which is enough to make any reasonable, truth-seeking American want to vomit in their own mouth.

You can watch this horrendous interview below:

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