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Sarah Huckabee Sanders Gets Grilled By Reporters On Lie About Trump’s Tax Plan; This Is Perfect

On Tuesday, as Republicans prepared to pass a tax bill that has faced near-universal opposition from economists, non-partisan scoring agencies, budget hawks, and last but certainly not least, the public, Sarah Huckabee Sanders was once again thrown in front of the press to be the public face of this administration’s lies.

As details of the plan have slowly come out — it was, after all, entirely devised behind closed doors, with initial passage before reconciliation being done in the middle of the night — the public has grown increasingly wary of it. Not only does it disproportionately benefit those at the top of the economic ladder, it does so in very specific ways that will benefit Donald Trump personally. In fact, it does so even more since the inclusion of a “pass-through business” deduction was added in order to secure the vote of the once-stalwart Bob Corker of Tennessee.

But when challenged by reporters on the fact that the White House has repeatedly claimed — in the face of all evidence to the contrary — that the tax bill will “cost the president a lot of money,” Sanders doubled down:

It likely will — certainly on the personal side — could cost the president a lot of money. The president’s focus hasn’t necessarily been at all on himself.”

The president’s focus, of course, isn’t on anything but a political “win.” Trump has no concept of the tax code, nor did he in any way contribute to the creation of the bill. Nonetheless, Sanders went on:

[A]gain, this is a tax plan that we hope benefits all Americans primarily. And priority number one is middle-class Americans. That has been this administration’s focus. We feel like that is certainly addressed.”

What does that even mean? Benefits everyone primarily?

Regardless, it is yet another lie from the Trump administration. Countless examples of possible ways to scam the new tax code have already been floated by even non-economists that would now be possible after the passage of this bill. For example: You could now simply purchase the building you work in, charge yourself a million dollars a month in rent, then call that “income” of a pass-through business and deduct it. The possibilities for exploitation of the Republican tax scam are literally endless.

To top it off, Sanders was cornered once again on the fact that the public won’t actually know how the bill affects the president until he releases his tax returns. That went exactly as you might expect:

There is no law preventing Trump from releasing his tax returns, and certainly not one that has anything to do with being under audit.

Lies, lies, and more lies. If they were currency, the Trump administration would have enough to fill IRS coffers in perpetuity.

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