San Juan Mayor Just Sent Trump A Major F*ck You Without Even Saying A Word (IMAGE) | THE POLITICUS

San Juan Mayor Just Sent Trump A Major F*ck You Without Even Saying A Word (IMAGE)

Donald Trump’s response to the devastating hurricane destruction caused in Puerto Rico has been one of the most inhumane relief responses in his presidency so far. While Trump didn’t exactly impress with his responses to the previous hurricanes that ravaged states like Florida, Texas, and Louisiana, Trump flat out abandoned Puerto Rico – and the mayor of San Juan has a message for him.

Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz had been repeatedly calling on Trump to get off his ass and do something to save the people of Puerto Rico, and Trump has responded by tweeting mean things about her. Her latest appearance, however, will probably make Trump explode in rage.

Recently, Cruz decided to make a statement to the Trump administration by wearing a shirt that read “NASTY” – which is exactly what Trump called her just a few days ago. It’s also pretty symbolic of the “nasty woman” t-shirts that women all over the country began wearing to protest Trump’s insults to his 2016 opponent, Hillary Clinton. Take a look below:

Cruz knows that this silent statement is a powerful way to get Trump’s attention, and she’s done it before. Previously, Cruz  a “HELP US, WE ARE DYING” t-shirt, hoping that it would make Trump spring into action and actually act like the President of the United States.

Unfortunately, Trump isn’t anywhere near presidential material, and so while Cruz has been in the trenches saving American citizens, Trump has been golfing and tweeting – basically doing everything except for the one thing we need him to do. Trump is proving himself to be absolutely incapable of leading this country, and his indifference to human suffering will follow him for the rest of his (hopefully short) presidency.

Cruz nailed it with this message to the sensitive, ego-driven POTUS. It is a reminder that no one respects him, and that his bullying is absolutely useless.

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