SAD! Trump Tries Proving He’s Legit By Signing Order That’s HILARIOUS In Light Of Comey’s Firing | THE POLITICUS

SAD! Trump Tries Proving He’s Legit By Signing Order That’s HILARIOUS In Light Of Comey’s Firing

If Trump had any credibility left to him, he blew it to smithereens on Tuesday from the FBI in the midst of his investigation into whether Trump and his associates have illegal connections to Russia. Today, he seems to be trying a new tack for making Russia go away, or he’s trying to claim he actually does have some form of integrity (or both), because he signed an executive order that’s absolutely crazy in light of the insanity that makes up the last 48 hours of life in America.

Remember when he said that there were “millions of illegal votes” cast for Hillary, and that, if it weren’t for those, he’d have easily won the popular vote? This order deals with that. It’s called (don’t bust a rib laughing) Presidential Executive Order on the Establishment of Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity.

Election integrity? WOW. Considering that we’re trying to find out just how much Russia influenced our election and how entwined Trump, his election campaign, and his associates are with Russia, the idea that he wants to ensure the integrity of our voting processes is just absurd.

Also, who the hell does he think he is using the word “integrity” to describe anything he does?


Mike Pence will head up this commission, and Trump himself will appoint all 15 additional members, who will no doubt be people with the requisite experience, but who also think that our voting processes are so grievously flawed that millions of illegal votes were, indeed, cast. They are to work with federal, state and local election officials to determine where vulnerabilities exist in our voting system…that would allow people who can’t legally cast votes to cast votes.

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In other words, they’re looking to see just how easy it is for undocumented immigrants, and others who can’t legally cast ballots, to vote. They’re looking to prove Trump’s baseless assertions that millions of ballots were cast illegally and should not have been counted, either by undocumented immigrants or by people bused from precinct to precinct or even from one state to another (like what some clueless fools allege happened in New Hampshire).

It’s like he’s trying to prove he’s a legit president – how can Russia have had anything to do with the outcome of our election if we have millions of illegal votes that went to Hillary? Don’t make us laugh to hard, President Putinpuppet. It hurts.

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