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Russian Warplane Shot Down By Turkey

Who could have predicted

Nato-member Turkey has shot down a Russian warplane in the first time the alliance and Moscow have come to blows directly over the crisis in Syria.

Ankara and Moscow gave conflicting accounts of the incident, which appears to have occurred in an area near the Turkish-Syrian border straddling Iskenderun and Latakia.

The more people involved, the more countries involved the more “accidents” will happen. Then when you consider that Russia support Assad and Turkey regards Assad as the primary enemy the “fog” of war gets denser. I wonder what will happen if Russia bombs one of our “not boots” boots on the ground or vice-versa?

How many different groups are shooting at each other at this time? We seem to be encouraging more to get more “involved”. Who is actually doing the planning, are they communicating their positions; hopefully with more success than MSF had in Afghanistan.    

How do you tell if the missile “made in country X” for “country Y” that hits country’s X’s ground troops in fact came from country Y? Since country Z who is an enemy of country Y bought it from an arms trader and now country Y is blaming country Z for attacking country X whilst country Z says it wasn’t us because we really like country X? Z now claims that it was stolen by organization Q  who is supposedly supported financially by country Y. 

This has all the hallmarks of another fuck up in the ME.

All that the really evil people have to do is disperse, sit back and watch the fun, they can leave their pawns in the line of fire.   

If this keeps up we will be trying to work out who is not involved.