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Round 2 for MsSpent Youth and update via Sara R

The blockquote is all from Sara R's original diary.  There was 800.00 raised so far.

The goal was 3000.00  

Now I know some of you are saying.. Wow.. this is Vetwife's diary and not Sara's.

There is a reason for that.  In the middle of the fundraiser Sunday evening, Sara had to rush Ann to the hospital.  Ann had  a 104 degree fever and was hospitalized for 3 days.

I had told Sara I would finish the fundraiser Sun. night and upon speaking to Sara

Wed. night, Ann had just gotten home from the hospital with some sort of infection still to be determined.  Ann is much better and resting at home and Sara is worn out.

She asked if I would continue trying to fundraise on behalf of a real hero here at Daily Kos.  We have many heros here and most are just like you in different ways.. Most want to help with those in need.  Most want to help those  who help others  in all kinds of different ways..Sara and Ann are two special people who just go out of their way to help.

We have some on here who really do great things big and small.

We have a chance now to finish the fundraiser not only for MsspentYouth but now to finish what Sara started Sunday night.  All of the information is listed in Sara's orginal plea, including the pay pal coded link and the instructions to kosmail Sara for snail mail donations.  

Now lets try and hit that goal and tipping and rec's and republish is nice as well.

Let's get to work !!!!!!!  

I am also attaching the orginal you can see where we had great comments and then had to hit the pause button.

Our friend, MsSpentyouth, is an activist like none other I know.  She is a force of nature who is also blessed with a huge heart, humor and humility.  She'll tell you that she is nobody to speak of.  But I'll tell you that she is a hero.

She's been arrested in the Moral Monday protests in North Carolina, where she is a regular.

She's also a regular at the State House of that State, keeping politicians as honest as is possible in these days.  They know her!

She works tirelessly to elect Democrats -- and is currently volunteering whenever her health will allow for Kay Hagan's campaign.

And she does all this with a brain tumor, bone marrow disorders that resulted from two rounds of chemo in 1988 and 1992 (for breast cancer), and tumors on several endocrine glands.  MsSpentyouth's spirit is so bright and full of life -- but her body is not supporting it the way it should, through no fault of her own.

Unfortunately, North Carolina is one of those States that turned away the Medicaid expansion -- and MsSpentyouth is out of pocket for a lot of her medical expenses.  Her income is very low.  And right now, she's in a terrible pinch, owing money for utilities and unable to get the medicine and medical care she needs.  For one person, this can seem overwhelming and very depressing.  But for a community that puts its arms around the people who matter so much, it is not insurmountable.

A mere $3000 will get this phenomenal person, this angel, through the summer and back to the very necessary activism that she does in North Carolina.  You can help, you can send PayPal to kim [DOT] yaman [AT] gmail [DOT] com (I've broken the link to foil the spambots -- but I think you can figure that out...)  Or send me a Kos Mail to get an address for a check.

Thank you for all of your help and good wishes...

Thanks Sara for the opportunity to help and hope Ann is feeling much better !!!!