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Romney "I do not want government to be focused on itself"

    In an with ABC News, Romney was pimping the Republican mantra "Privatize"

STEPHANOPOULOS: But, If you could sum up your philosophy about how you want to do it, how you want to staff up and manage the government how would you do that?

ROMNEY: I want to be able to get the federal government to see its job as encouraging the freedom and free enterprise of the American people. I do not want government to be focused on itself, but instead on encouraging on the private economy and individual freedoms such that we can reignite our economy.

     So, Romney wants a government where Private Companies replace the Government making Private Companies in charge of: roads, wars, defense, education, healthcare, the poor, the handicap, the mentally ill, prisons, police, firemen, energy, etc.

      Personally, I think Romney's way would be devastating to Americans and destroy the "American Dream" for sure.

       To me, Romney's way is similar FoxConn.  The Private Company FoxConn who abuses their employees to such an extent that FoxConn employees began committing suicide.  But, not to worry, FoxConn installed a net around their buildings so any jumpers would not die ... and yes, FoxConn is ideal to someone like Romney because FoxConn makes one hell of a profit!

      As for Romney's idea to let private companies replace the government in education -- that was done, in America, when this country was founded and only rich people's kids were getting educated leaving the masses completely ignorant. So, private companies being in charge of education, did not work out too well.