Rolling Stone's final argument against Trump is a thing of beauty! | THE POLITICUS

Rolling Stone's final argument against Trump is a thing of beauty!

     You gotta hand it to Rolling Stone magazine, those people can write. And seldom better than when they’re deep diving into politics. Jesse Berney had the honors of laying out the magazines final indictment of Donald Trump in an titled “Donald Trump cannot be President of the United States”.

     The piece is beautifully written. Jesse takes us on a trip down memory lane, revisiting Das Donald’s greatest hits, and reminds us again how odious and dangerous both the man and the movement he has started are. The article isn’t that long, and well worth the few minutes needed to read it. But Berney saves the best for last, a powerful argument for personal and moral responsibility;

But now is the moment for every last American to decide what it truly means to be a citizen. You can be reluctant about Hillary Clinton. You don't even have to vote for her (though I did, without doubt or hesitation).

What you cannot do is vote for Donald Trump and pretend that this is just another election, and he is just another candidate. It is your minimum duty as a citizen not to support a racist, sexist, unqualified, dishonest, corrupt manchild who celebrates everything that's ugly about America and not a single thing that's great about it.

No matter how left out or left behind you feel, voting for Trump is nothing short of a moral failure. It's a vicious act against the human beings, mostly women and people of color, who would suffer miserably under his presidency.

     How can it be put more perfectly than that? Jesse goes on for a couple of more short paragraphs in closing, but it’s all right there. A reminder of our shared moral responsibility as a country to put the greater common good ahead of our own petty gripes and grievances. Hopefully people read this, and then think long and hard about it.

     Thanks as always for reading, you are ALL the wind beneath my wings!