Roiled By Sexual Harassment Scandals, Fox Runs Appallingly Sexist ‘Spring Cleaning’ Promo (VIDEO) | THE POLITICUS

Roiled By Sexual Harassment Scandals, Fox Runs Appallingly Sexist ‘Spring Cleaning’ Promo (VIDEO)

Right now, the last thing the folks over at Fox News want is any hint of the idea that they are exploiting or abusing women in any way. After all, their star host, Bill O’Reilly is in deep trouble as advertisers abandon him in droves after the revelations that Fox has paid five women more than $13 million over allegations that O’Reilly sexually harassed them. This little detail must have escaped the hosts of Fox’s fluffy morning show, Fox and Friends, though, because on Sunday, exploiting women seemed to be the highlight of their day.

During a segment called “Spring Cleaning,” the male Fox hosts to help their viewers get excited about tidying up their homes just in time for spring. During the segment, the male host, Clayton Morris, had his female c-host, Abby Huntsman, along with another woman, clean a fake bedroom that had been set up there on set.

Bizarrely, the song “Yakkety Yak” played in the background during the whole nauseating display. Well, perhaps it’s not so bizarre? That song was made in 1962, and it seems that’s where the people at Fox want to take women back to. The weirdly appropriate lyrics barked at the women as they cleaned in their ridiculously tight dresses and high heels that no woman would EVER wear for a cleaning day:

“Take out the papers and the trash / Or you don’t get no spendin’ cash / If you don’t scrub that kitchen floor / You ain’t gonna rock and roll no more / Yakety yak (don’t talk back).”

The show then took a commercial break, and when they returned, two more men were there. Huntsman and her guest proceeded to give their spring cleaning tips. Abby Huntsman later addressed the men, saying, “Guys, I know you are thrilled about all of these.” That’s why Clayton Morris delivered the line that made the whole thing infinitely worse:

“I’m excited to watch you do it.”

This is just ridiculous. You’d think that with all of the issues these people have had with accusations of sexual harassment and worse, they’d stay far, far away from anything that could even be perceived as being offensive or exploitative of women. But, given the fact that the people who run Fox and those who work there think this behavior is perfectly okay, it’s no wonder they have the issues they have.

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