The Rise Of Online Harassment

Recently there's been a lot of attention in the news on issues involving the internet from "net neutrality" to the recent Supreme Court decision on Aereo, but what hasn't received as much attention is the Court's decision to hear a case about whether threatening Facebook posts are protected free speech under the First Amendment or are considered harassment. We'll have to wait until the fall to see what the Court says, but our recent infographic lays out the data behind why the Supreme Court should rule in line with all of the lower courts so far who considered this behavior to be harassment. 

 As we spend more and more time online and especially on social media sites, the prevalence of online harassment has grown by leaps and bounds. And as the data shows, this is not just an issue of junior high school bullying. Harassment has risen to alarming levels among Americans under the age of 35, and the nature of harassment is not just sexual but also professional in nature. 

 Check out the results here.

 This issue is important for individuals, but also should get the attention of the social media sites themselves as well as companies and organizations of all sizes given the potential for unwanted regulation and possible liability cases. We lay out the argument for social media sites to be more proactive in an op-ed on Republic 3.0 that you can read here