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Right to ("Work") Mooch Bill Advancing in Wis at the Speed of Light (Update)

UPDATE: This atrocious bill by the State Senate with the public shouting "shame, shame, shame....". The session was abruptly adjurned ny Sen. Lasich (R-TeaBagger) after a nearly party line vote.

Republicans in Wisconsin have been ramming controversial matters through the Legislature since the Red Tide of 2010. This week, they've put away their battering rams and started using a team of bulldozers to push Right to Work Mooch legislation through.

Last night, they . They moved to such a fast vote that 1 of 2 Democrats was having a conversation and was bypassed for his vote by the Committee Chairman. It wouldn't really have mattered since, of course, Republicans control that committee just as the control everything in State Government.

Republicans had planned to end public testimony at 7 p.m., but shortly before 6:30 p.m. committee chairman Sen. Steve Nass (R-Whitewater) said he was cutting off the meeting abruptly because of what Nass called a "credible threat" in a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel report. That story said union demonstrators were planning to peacefully disrupt the committee vote by raising their voices if Republicans didn't let everyone from the public testify.

Yes, the "credible threat" they didn't specify was the fact that people were going to get loud. Of course, it falls in line with their reference to protesters as thugs and terrorists.

They don't even care how things look any more.