Right Wing Bonus Tracks - 7/26/16 | THE POLITICUS

Right Wing Bonus Tracks - 7/26/16

  • A from the Benham brothers: "We believe if the sexual revolution is left unchecked it will become a crime to confess biblical truth in today’s America. Those that dare hold a biblical view of sexuality will spend time in jail. Those that refuse to participate in gay weddings or gay pride events will lose their business license. Perhaps it may even become a crime to teach our children biblical values when it comes to sexuality."
  • Tom DeLay is that the RNC allowed Peter Thiel to give a speech "glorifying homosexuality" and Peter LaBarbera.
  • Liberty Counsel that "parents and colleges should beware" of Paul Singer because "while Singer supports Israel, he is also focused on advancing his LGBT agenda in America, and he is working to reach young millennials."
  • Pat Buchanan that “maybe [Vladimir] Putin deserves a Pulitzer.”
  • Finally, Brad Dacus that "it is very difficult to see how a parent who is truly concerned about their children's moral upbringing from a Judeo-Christian worldview could have their children enrolled in a public school this coming school year in the state of California."