The Right Finally Telling Us What They Really Think 

The Right Finally Telling Us What They Really Think

I have long been tired that the right have been able to hide behind PC rhetoric by distorting the real meanings of words.

Trump "tells it like he sees it" is now becoming a reinforcing meme on the right, they regard it as a positive. No need to hide the racism, sexism and bigotry, tell it like it is because gosh it's so popular.

It may be dangerous as far as social harmony is concerned, but it stops us having to decipher the abuse of PC the right have used for decades to hide their real meanings. It also stops us having to deal with things like Pro-Life with circumspection, whereas what they really mean is "forced birth".

PC was meant to prevent offense, however to me it has become a way of hiding offensive thought with inoffensive language. Let their politicians talk just like their base, the hate filled rabble are a distinct minority and dying off with each passing year.

The "soft" Republicans I know [RINO's/elitists to the rabid base] are getting disgusted by how effective Trump has become. All Trump is doing is exposing the putrid heart of the Party that they all refused to believe. If Trump wins the nomination would any of them break away and run a third party candidate? This I doubt, since they have shown little such courage to date.

It is long passed time that the Rotting Republican Party was exposed, admittedly I never thought that they would do this all by themselves.

So long may Trump continue to wind them up and may they continue using the same rhetoric themselves. Eventually it will disgust enough reluctant voters that voting actually means something and isn't a waste of time.

That recession, debts and war are a Republican methods of governance

That crushing the American Dream, their economic policy.

That division and hate is their only road to the White House.

The Republican backers have always despised their base, the evangelicals and racist poor, now they are beginning to be frightened by them as well. Who would have thought we would have them talking about repatriation/forced labor [slavery] of undocumented workers [whom many of them employ for extra profit], anchor babies and forced [rape and incest] birth in their primaries.

Trump is forcing them to talk about, in a language they don't like about everything they have stood for, for decades. It may upset, stun and disgust many, but it needs airing out and exposing for all the world to see.

Republicans thought by embracing extremist evangelicals and adopting the Southern Strategy that this was the only way of ensuring themselves power. It may be their ultimate downfall.


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