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Rex Tillerson Was Just Asked If The Oval Office Was Bugged By Russians, His Response Is Insane (Video)

Donald Trump had no idea just how much he would screw himself over when he fired FBI Director James Comey right as his Russia scandal heated up. Ever since Comey’s firing, there have been new bombshell reports being released on a daily basis about Trump’s problematic relationship with the Kremlin, and it’s not going to stop anytime soon – especially when Trump has people on his own team making the situation far worse.

Earlier today, Russian president Vladimir Putin raised eyebrows when he stated that the Kremlin had a recording of Trump’s meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, which was held in the Oval Office. Putin had offered to give the recording – which he later clarified was actually just a transcript – to Congress if the Trump administration requested him to release it.

Even though Putin stated that there was no real “recording” – only a write up from a stenographer who was present at the meeting – this raised concerns that the Russian government may have bugged the White House while visiting with Trump. And when Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was asked about that today, his answer was everything but comforting.

While Tillerson posed for photos with Algerian Foreign Minister Ramtane Lamamra, NBC’s Andrea Mitchell tried to ask Tillerson if he thought “the Russians were bugging the Oval Office.” His response certainly didn’t do Trump any favors as he said:

I would have no way to know that.”

Mitchell tried to get Tillerson to elaborate on Putin’s offer to release the transcript, but Tillerson walked away – just as Trump has many times before whenever the press tried to corner him. You can watch that moment below:

The Russian visit that Trump held last week was suspicious from the start because Trump only allowed Russian state news agency TASS to be present, keeping the American press in the dark. Tillerson’s lack of confidence in the security of the White House is certainly alarming and is the perfect example of how dangerously sloppy the Trump administration is.

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