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Republicans Fail Presser, Sit In Complete Silence As Reporters Ask About Roy Moore (VIDEO)

The GOP’s response to the very serious allegations against Roy Moore has been nothing but disappointing so far – and yet it only seems to get worse.

While some Republicans have grown a backbone and condemned Moore for the mounting evidence that he sexually assaulted a 14-year-old (and a few others), many prominent GOPers are showing the ugliness of the party by either defending Moore, discrediting the allegations, or in this case, not saying anything at all.

You all may have thought that after what disgraced POTUS Donald Trump has done to the Republican party, it couldn’t possibly get any worse for the GOP. But thanks to the most recent horrific reactions to Moore’s scandal, the Republican Party is now showing its true colors. In a recent meeting with reporters, Senator Mitch McConnell and a few other GOPers sat in complete silence for a full 44 seconds while reporters shouted questions at them regarding Moore.

Check it out below, via CNN. It is possibly one of the longest, most cringe-worthy 44 seconds you’ve witnessed in a long time:

At one point in the video, Senator Chuck Grassley can’t help but awkwardly giggle and say “Goodbye everybody. Goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye” while waving his hand at the free press. McConnell is even worse as he gives a fake smile to the reporters, clearly screaming internally while trying to pretend like nothing is wrong. Senator Orrin Hatch tells the reporters to “settle down.” Gary Cohn, who is the to Trump, also gives an uncomfortable smile.

This short clip is a great representation of what the Republican Party has devolved into – ignoring the important issues in favor of protecting their own.

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