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With Republicans in Charge, Saving the Environment Seems Futile

Republicans in Congress seem bent on ignoring the obvious and they continue to support more oil production along with reducing regulation on pollution controls for large chemical companies. Instead of accepting that our planet has been negatively affected by human activity and then finding ways to lessen the impact humans have on this Earth, they play up to the very hands that line their pockets during campaign season.

Yet I would like to believe there is some hope. There seems to be a break with the introduction of some fuel efficiency vehicles, even some running on alternative renewable energy. The solution is right there for us but it appears there is still a way to go as far ending the reign of the combustible engine over the market and more research going into creating better alternative and renewable fuel vehicles.

This surely is a beginning but there has to be a great deal of willpower on our government, the American people and pure gumption for it to stick and stick well. As long as politicians can manipulate the market in favor of one thing or the other, we’ll see a long road to haul on getting to the point we’re actually reversing the negative effect humans have had on this planet.

The question is: How much time do we have before it is too late for us to reverse the effects that humans have brought upon this planet?

Another question would be: Is it already too late and have we damaged the planet beyond repair?

My answer to the first question concerning how much time do we have: Not long. Not by what I and anyone can see as far as weather events and the melting of the planet’s ice caps.

My answer to the second question would be: I don’t think so. Our Earth is actually quite amazing and it can heal itself, given enough time. Still, that time could be a long time coming and it’s not becoming any easier as long as more pollutants are pouring into our atmosphere.

I’m not an expert when it comes to the environment but I’m also not blind. Most of us know that our planet cannot sustain having its atmosphere slowly poisoned by toxins that don’t belong there. And our water; such a precious resource that we cannot live without and yet we continue to allow oil spills that poison our waterways and destroy our fish life along with the destruction it causes to our shores and waterways.

When men and women who have been elected to public office pretend there is no serious damage done by humans and that everything is just nature taking its course, it shows a complete disconnect with what reality is and they surely don’t belong representing the people of their districts or their states.

We have two roads we can travel on to get to our future when it comes to the environment; we can follow the path of Republicans who seems to support Big Business and particularly Big Oil when it comes to where they stand concerning the environment. Big Oil will continue to push for more drilling and pipelines because that’s where they make their profits from and the Republicans will dance to whatever tune Big Oil wants them to. So our environment will not be an issue with the GOP.

The Democratic Party in my view needs more of a backbone when it comes to environmental policy. The more our country and the world see climate events that point to a world dangerously on the brink of no return, the more people will demand that government do something about it.

There is reason to hope but that hope grows dim if those who would deny Global Warming out of expediency take charge of our nation and our laws. Let’s hope that the American people will realize this next election that our environment is of great concern to us and makes certain that we have a congress and a White House that share our concern.

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