Republican Lawmakers say Jobs Main Focus but Record Shows Otherwise

Republican Lawmakers say Jobs Main Focus but Record Shows Otherwise


Republican Lawmakers say Jobs Main Focus but Record Shows Otherwise

Republicans took back the House of Representatives back in 2010, along with control of state houses and governor’s seats across this country on a platform to create jobs for the recovery of the nation’s economic system. Instead they’ve done everything but create jobs. They’re instead consistently asking President Obama “Where are the jobs?” We should be asking them that same question; where are the jobs they promised to work on. What about the promises that they used to persuade the American people to allow them to again take charge of our government?

Let’s take a look at what Republican lawmakers have been working on instead of jobs:

Anti-abortion legislation has been one of the Republicans top agendas – a real job creator, don’t you think? There has been a flood of anti-abortion legislation across the country since 2010 passed by Republicans in state houses and passed by Republican governors. It sounds like they’re playing up to their conservative base instead of creating real jobs.

Then there’s education; the GOP has cut education programs . I’m trying to figure out how cutting education is going to provide jobs for our economy. What it does happen when education funding is cut, it lowers our skill level for this country compared to other nations. If there is anything that is going to help our country to prosper for decades to come is education, without it we’re like a sinking ship slowly taking on water. The more education programs we cut, the bigger that hole becomes in that sinking ship.  Gay marriage has also been on the Republicans radar and they’re doing what they can to see that gay people cannot get married and cannot receive the benefits of marriage through civil unions. Republican controlled state legislators have passed a bevy of laws and state constitutional amendments to block same-sex marriage. I suppose somehow keeping gay people from marrying will create jobs, I just don’t know how that works; maybe Republicans can explain that to the American public before we give them four more years to continue creating jobs for the nation, as they have promised.

Republicans have done a lot more in the year and a half since they took control of so many of our government legislators and governor seats, like their efforts to pass Voter ID laws set to block many voters from the polls this November, which will be mostly the poor and college students; reliable Democratic demographics. There’s surely nothing about Voter ID laws that says “jobs” but Republicans need all the help they can get to keep winning elections with the same old anti-abortion, anti-gay social agenda they’ve been preaching for years while the country’s electorate is moving further to the left on those issues.

Republicans say one thing and do another. They claim to be focused on jobs yet anyone who’s paying attention knows otherwise. Maybe they’re counting on ignorance of voters who don’t pay attention and who simply take the GOP at their word; that their main focus is jobs. Instead the GOP has put the entire responsibility for job creation squarely on President Obama as though it is his job to find a way to get passed their policy of saying “no” to everything the president proposes in both chambers of Congress.

The nation has recovered under the administration of Barack Obama to some extent. What would have been very beneficial for our country and our economy is if we could have a government all along that actually focused on the job they said they were going to focus on. Instead of working on legislation to please the right-wing of their party; instead of trying to secure the next election in their favor by blocking voters from the polls, along with firm efforts to keep Obama from having any legislative victories at all. And instead did what was best for the country by working hard to find ways to create jobs even if it means working with the Democrats and President Obama – there’s no telling how far we could have come by now as far as the economy recovering.

The partisan politics that the GOP has shown over their reign in government shows the short-sightedness of their vision for America and a lack of concern for the real problems America faces. The party seems to be out of touch with their constituents and heading down the wrong road in helping this country step up to the plate in today’s economy. They work to pass legislation not to benefit the country but to push their brand of social conservatism on us all. Republicans economic solutions are the same policies that took us into the Great Recession in the first place, such as huge tax cuts for the wealthy and cuts in spending programs that hurt those who already hurt the most.

The GOP can decide that they’re going to serve the American people as a whole or they can continue to serve only those who grease their pockets and those who assure them of reelection. Eventually their time will be up as America grows more liberal and they’ll either find a new direction or be replaced with a new party that’s more centrist in platform and more open and in touch with the majority of Americans.  Or in other words; get on the track or get off because America’s train is coming through.