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Reporters Stunned As Trump Officials Get Into Screaming Match In White House Offices (DETAILS)

Oh, this is too good. To top off a terrible day for the Trump administration, officials accidentally allowed reporters to hear them yelling at one another. It is unclear who was screaming like madmen/women in Trump’s staff offices — but we do have a partial list of who was there.

Trey Yingst, chief White House correspondent for extreme Right One America News Network, didn’t mention the screaming match — that task was left to real reporters — but he did notice that Sean Spicer, Steve Bannon, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and White House Communications Director Michael Dubke were all in the area.

Buzzfeed’s White House correspondent, Adrian Carrasquillo, elaborated a bit more than someone who works for a pro-Trump network would be willing to do:

Hearing the screaming, staffers then scrambled to turn up the volume on everything in sigh in hopes of drowning it out:

CNN’s Jim Acosta reports that Sanders claims she knows nothing about the yelling coming from the room she was in:

The White House says there will be no further statements tonight after a tumultuous day of Trump’s lawyer posting creepy photos of his daughter and the tangerine fuhrer himself revealed having leaked highly classified information directly to the Russian ambassador with whom numerous members of his campaign and administration worked to undermine our democracy.

At this point we’re forced to ask: how much is enough to begin impeachment proceedings? Does Trump need to get a blowjob from an intern first?

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