REPORT: Paul Ryan HUMILIATED Himself Over Healthcare Bill, LITERALLY Begged On His Knees For Votes (DETAILS) | THE POLITICUS

REPORT: Paul Ryan HUMILIATED Himself Over Healthcare Bill, LITERALLY Begged On His Knees For Votes (DETAILS)

Despite being in complete control of the government, the Republican Party is in disarray. They just suffered a humiliating defeat as their number one campaign promise for the last seven years – repealing the Affordable Care Act – went down in flames on the national stage when House Speaker Paul Ryan and Donald Trump and his White House goons couldn’t even get their own party to vote for their horrible, cruel “solution” to the ACA. The biggest loser in all of this has to be Speaker Ryan, who literally rolled up his sleeves and delivered a Power Point presentation in an effort to sell the bill to the House GOP Conference and the American people at large. Unfortunately for him, it didn’t work and was a political disaster. It seems that Ryan knew what a political hit he would take if the bill didn’t pass, too, as new reporting says that he literally got down on one knee and begged for votes in favor of the bill during a closed-door meeting.

that the was able to get a few details regarding closed-door GOP negotiations surrounding the healthcare bill. At one point, it seems that a pathetically desperate Speaker Ryan got down on one knee in front of Rep. Don Young (R- Alaska) to beg for his “yes” vote on this awful excuse for a healthcare law – and even after that humiliation, Young’s vote remained a firm “no.”

This just goes to show that despite their being in complete power, the GOP is simply incapable of governing. Paul Ryan is an ineffective House Speaker who cannot unite his party, and who will likely continue to see these kinds of splits and these kinds of humiliating public legislative defeats. If things keep going this way, the GOP’s ultimate conservative Boy Scout will go the way of former Speaker John Boehner, who was forced into premature retirement by the uncooperative Tea Party wing of the GOP House Conference, otherwise known as the Freedom Caucus. If that happens, all of Ryan’s fantastical Ayn Rand style policies will die with him – and America will be much better off for it.

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