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Reince Priebus goes home. And lies his *ss off.

     Reince Priebus is nothing if not faithful to the party’s nominee for President. He may be weak, he may be toadying, he may be as spineless as a jellyfish, but he’s faithful. He’s trapped in other words.

     But it has come at a stiff price. Not only has Trump used him as a chew toy every time things go badly for Mein Furor, not only has he weakened Priebus’ position for running for another term, but the way this shit is going down, Priebus has to be seriously asking himself if he even wants to put up with all of this for another term.

     Priebus is nothing if not faithful. At this point he is also nothing if not delusional. According to an ARTICLE in Wisconsin Public radio, Priebus is still doing his best “Baghdad Bob”. Giving a pep talk to workers in Stevens Point WI on Tuesday, he told them to keep their chins up, all was well;

"I think everyone should admit, this election has been like none other," Priebus said.  "And the electorate right now is very volatile. One week you have polls that say you're 3 (percent) down, one week they say that you're 3 (percent) up. I think it's very volatile, and I think with two weeks to go, anything can happen, that's why we're still here."

     Ummmm. What polls exactly are you talking about Reince? The last four polls taken in Wisconsin, from 10-6 through 10-22 all show Clinton leading by anywhere from 4-8 points. The RCP average has her +6. The national average is a solid Clinton +5.5. Where is all of this “-3 then +3” drivel coming from? But worse yet, Priebus is having trouble holding a straight line of thought these days. First he said that “this election has been like no other”, and then he finds a comparison to it anyway;

The Republican Party head compared Trump to Ronald Reagan, who had been discounted as a candidate in 1980.

"The bottom fell out," Priebus said, "Once the American people decided, we believe that Ronald Reagan can be in the White House, and that last weekend before the election, the bottom fell out, and Jimmy Carter got crushed."

     O.K. Reince. I know this is hard, but which is it? Either this is like no other election, or it’s just like Reagan in 1980. Pick one pal. And what was it that Lloyd Bentson said to Dan Quayle in the VP debate? “I knew Jack Kennedy Senator, and you’re no Jack Kennedy”! Reagan was folksy, and engaging, reminded you of your grandfather, and Trump is mean spirited, toxic and reminds you of the guy in the park yelling at himself while everybody else steers well clear.

     No, I don’t feel in the slightest bit sorry for Reince Priebus, he brought this down on his own head. But it is hysterical to watch him stand there and basically say “Hey, I know the Trumpitania is going down, but doesn’t that band sound great?” Keep up the good work Reince, you’re slaying ‘em right now!

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